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Fan Replacement & System inspection

With any appliance in your home that runs continuously, a radon mitigation fan will eventually need to be replaced. If you feel your fan is not working properly, please call us to perform an inspection of your existing system to identify potential issues. If your fan is no longer working, we have most fans in stock and can easily replace it to get your system up and running right away.  


A system inspection can include
  1. Sealing of any cracks and seams in the basement floor, walls, suction point(s).

  2. Ensuring the pipe is pitched for proper drainage and adding supports as necessary to meet national code.

  3. Cleaning the pipe and fan and resealing the roof boot.

  4. Inspecting the wiring to ensure appropriate load on the fan circuit.

  5. Inspection of the manometer to make sure the fan is working properly


A canister post-test is included with this service to ensure your system is working properly.

Contact us today to schedule a your fan replacement and inspection.
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