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RADON Testing


Canister Radon Test

Canisters may be used individually, dual side-by-side, or a triple canister test for most accurate results. The cost includes a laboratory analysis performed locally by our trusted community partner. The test can be set up professionally by our trained technician or the test comes with detailed instructions to set it up yourself. We can talk with you about which of these options makes the most sense. This test is the industry standard and provides accurate results. Typically, the canisters are left in the home for 48 hours and then mailed back to the laboratory. The lab results are available the next business day (depending on when they arrive at the laboratory, not when it is placed in the mail).


Continuous Radon Monitoring

Because radon levels can fluctuate due to environmental factors such as humidity, air pressure, temperature, wind, etc, a continuous radon monitoring system is also available. Our Sun Radon Monitors are the most accurate professional grade monitors available. The monitors are placed within the home for a minimum of 48 hours and continuously monitor the radon levels and environmental conditions. Your test results will include hourly radon measurements, environmental conditions and data indicating if the unit has been moved or tampered with in any way.  Continuous radon monitors give the most accurate reading available.


Real Estate Transaction Testing

Safe Radon Solutions is on your side and will work with buyers, sellers, agents and home inspectors to get your test results quickly and accurately so that your transaction will not be delayed.  We are available to make recommendations based on the lab results, and can also quickly provide a quote for and install a radon mitigation system.



Use our online questionnaire to start the process of improving the air quality of your home today. We will respond the same day Monday – Friday.

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