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Helping Maine families breathe easy... and safely.

Why Choose Safe Radon Solutions for your radon testing and mitigation needs?

  • Backed by 20 years of Radon testing and mitigation experience

  • Based locally in Cape Elizabeth, we are committed to providing our Southern Maine community with the best service

  • Family owned and operated, we use a team approach to design the right system to fit your needs

  • Licensed, Insured, and Registered with the State of Maine

  • Same business day call back—guaranteed, so you don't have to wait

  • Master level electricians are on our team to ensure your system is hooked up to your home's electrical system properly

We guarantee our work

Safe Radon Solutions guarantees our installed mitigation systems will keep radon levels below the EPA rate of 4pci/L for a period of 5 years provided the fan is running 24/7 and there is no damage to the system.


Call us at 207-747-4245 or use our online questionnaire for a free quote. We'll provide same day response Monday – Friday.

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